Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the following trainings:

Coaching For Leaders Training

Master coaching skills to help your employees stay motivated, engaged and productive. Ispire and support through coaching conversations.


Help your employees overcome workplace challenges, improve their performance and realize their potential.


Communication Training

This training is designed to help your cross-cultural teams improve communication and collaboration, leading to better performance

Develop better understanding of cross-cultural communication differences

Learn how to identify and overcome communication barriers in intercultural teams

Improve active listening, questioning, empathy, and assertiveness skills

Learn how to avoid making assumptions that can lead to misunderstandings

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We start with an intake to discuss your company's needs and determine the best approach.

The training program can be tailored
to your preferences and expectations
Leadership Coaching Program

Training program overview:

Group training sessions where leaders learn and practice coaching skills

1-1 coaching sessions to help leaders gain insights into their own strengths, weaknesses, communication style, and leadership approach

Training includes lectures, role-plays, group discussions, demonstrations, reflections and homework

Best for leaders who:

Want to find the right approach to communicate effectively, share feedback, engage and retain their employees

Wish to develop greater empathy, understand their employees' needs and goals, and help them develop strategies to achieve their best performance

Leaders will learn:

Leader as a coach mindset

Active listening and powerful questioning

Coaching models (GROW, Coaching Feedback, etc.)

Coaching for performance

Developing and applying the coaching habit

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We start with an intake to discuss your company's needs and determine the best approach.

The training program can be tailored
to your preferences and expectations
Cross-Cultural Communication Training

Training program overview:

Hands-on training with useful tools, role-plays, discussions and reflection exercises

1-1 coaching sessions with participants

Best for individuals and teams to:

Increase cultural competence, reduce misunderstandings and conflicts

Identify the assumptions and learn how to avoid them

Develop the skills and awareness needed to communicate effectively and assertively

Topics covered:

Understanding cultural differences

Communication styles

Working with assumptions

Becoming assertive

Giving and sharing feedback

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What training participants say

"I really find useful the part about powerful questioning, I have never looked at questions from this angle. Everything related to career coaching was useful. Because I have background in life coaching, I tend to work too much with this approach. Now I feel like I know more where my boundaries are as a job coach/ coach at work. I also aquired a lot of tools and new insights."

Ada, Process Engineer at TransitionHero, The

“The exercises like role play and reviewing the questions - it helps to immediately
put the theory into practice and also energized everyone in the room. What I also liked was the space to ask questions and exchange thoughts.”

Franklin, Manager Operations at TransitionHero, The Netherlands

Anastasiia has amazing professional expertise. Last spring she helped me find a new job. She gave invaluable pieces of advice on how to behave at all stages of the recruitment process.

Vasyl Z.
Software Developer, BUX,
The Netherlands

“Thank you for you training last week. It was very usefully for me. I had already a 1-1
coaching with one of our employees. In this conversation I add the structure and
GROW and this was helpful for me.”

Menno, Customer Service Manager at Raben, The

"I recently had the opportunity to attend a coaching skills training hosted by Anastasiia. I was very impressed by her mastery of the material and her ability to create an engaging and supportive learning environment.
I specifically liked the session on "Powerful Questions." Anastasiia demonstrated a deep knowledge of how to ask thought-provoking questions that helped participants gain a new perspective and gain deeper insights into their personal and professional goals.”

Alice, Revenue Operations Manager at Plauti, The Netherlands

"I learned what type of question to ask to come to the root of problems. There was a good balance between theory and practice during team sessions. It was also helpfull to learn about myself.”

Frank, Manager Domestic Transport at Raben, The Netherlands

"I liked zooming out on general concepts of communication and assumptions that occur in teams. Also enjoyed the examples that let us all think about the problems that might arise if things are taken for granted."

Anonymous feedback, Product Owner, The Netherlands

I needed to update my CV with a clear picture of what I have achieved. Anastasiia immediately found areas of improvements and helped me shape a new CV that landed me my new job.

Uanderson S.
Software Developer,
Modus Create, Brazil

I approached Anastasiia to review my CV at the beginning of my international job search. After reviewing it, she gave me very valuable and practical advice on how to improve it. In less than 5 months I found a job in Berlin.

Maryana M.HR Partner, OLX, Germany

Together with Anastasiia, we discussed my personal career situation and she helped me come up with a concrete plan. She gave me advice on how I can develop as a professional and build my personal brand. She shared a lot of valuable insights. Anastasiia exceeded all my expectations.

Marina Z.
Transfer Pricing Specialist,
The Netherlands


Although my coaching sessions are tailor-made for each client, there are four main stages in the process.



We talk about your situation, gain clarity on your needs, and set a goal

We identify what's holding you back and shift your perspective



We identify your strengths and build confidence in your abilities

We discover possibilities, solutions and strategies for positive change


Action Plan

We create a step-by-step plan for achieving your objectives

We split the plan into manageable pieces and set deadlines



We focus on specific actions and strategies necessary to fulfill your goals

We hold you accountable and track your progress

Step 1

1. Goal

You select a service(s)

You fill in the inquiry form

I review your inquiry & send a follow-up

Step 2

Get Ready

We agree on the best job strategy

You make a payment

We set the agenda & timeframes

Step 3

Let's make it happen

We work hard to make you stand out on the job market

We follow up on progress & results

You get all the tools to get hired