We start with 5 coaching sessions. Based on your progress, we determine if more consultations are needed.

Career Coaching Package

Coaching approach is tailored to your specific needs and goals

5 sessions conducted online

Each session is 60 min

We meet weekly or biweekly

Email support when you seek additional help, clarification, advice, or feedback

       *VAT inluded in the price

Coaching process

1. Assessing your current career situation

2. Defining the ideal career path or next step

3. Setting goals and developing an action plan

4. Identifying your strengths and build confidence in your abilities

5. Developing skills, habits and mindset to manage changes

6. Taking action, measuring progress, and holding you accountable

Start with a discovery call
We start with an intake call to determine your needs, challenges and the best approach to support your employees.

Employee Coaching

Duration, format and price on request

Coaching process

1. Defining employee development and performance goals

2. Assessing current performance and exploring barriers of disengagement or productivity issues

3. Creating a plan with specific actions, timelines and necessary resources

4. Implementing the plan and monitoring progress towards goals

5. Evaluating, sharing feedback and adjusting the plan when necessary

Start with an intake call
We start with an intake call to determine your needs, challenges and the best approach to support your employees.

Corporate Trainings

Duration, format and price on request

Training arrangement process

1. We will schedule a meeting to discuss your specific training requirements, goals, and desired outcomes

2. I will develop a customized training proposal tailored to your organization's unique needs

3. Once approved, we will proceed with the training delivery phase

4. After the completion, we will gather feedback from participants, assess their learning outcomes, and identify areas for improvement

Please note that specific details and timelines for each step may vary depending on the scope and nature of the training program.

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Step 1

Book a Service

You select a service(s)

You fill in the inquiry form

I review your inquiry & send a follow-up

Step 2

Get Ready

We agree on the best job strategy

You make a payment

We set the agenda & timeframes

Step 3

Let's make it happen

We work hard to make you stand out on the job market

We follow up on progress & results

You get all the tools to get hired

After our coaching
sessions you will

Gain full clarity on your career goals

Get a clear strategy on how to change or pivot your professional life

Learn how to hold yourself accountable to succeed in what you set your mind to

Change your mindset and master new behaviors that contribute to your success

Feel confident and excited about your future

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